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Nice things that other people have said about me!

 Peters' Emmerick and McNaught's Rosemary bring out the dynamic between the former's stiff-necked propriety and the latter's emerging free-spiritedness with playful appeal.

Kerry Reid

Chicago Tribune

McNaught, Peters and the security guard (Carlos Olmedo) are perfect agents of change. They transfigure the space into a whiplash-quick trip through hallucinatory stacks of books. They match Cerda’s absurd factor and raise it a bar. Peters’ fastidious bookworm and Olmedo’s bumbling charm are both strong presences and McNaught is the anchor that keeps them both grounded


New City Chicago



they are a really dexterous writer. Not precious about language at all.

Regina victor



"Morgan McNaught puts integrity back into the art of acting.
Laura Hooper

Black Box Acting Studio





Morgan is an absolute joy to have on set, both in front of the lens and behind the scenes.

THEIR work ethic, joyful personality and sense of humor is an asset that cannot be measured....

Lehr Beidelschies

Everything is Terrible


...Morgan McNaught's amusingly overwrought Helena

- Michael Grossberg, The Columbus Disbatch

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