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the/your best new americxn artist

morgan mcnaught brews new worlds/futures/identities into existence by redefining convention through queer interpretations of familiar narratives. they deftly mix pop culture concepts with new age mysticism, glitter, and millennial nihilism-bringing engagement and dissonance. 

ensemble driven, mcnaught works collaboratively with creative and design to collectively create a theatrical work, inclusive of all intelligence and talent within the room

Morgan has a BFA in performance, and studied playwriting under the late and great Esiba Irobi at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.


They have performed at the Steppenwolf Garage and with The Goodman, Second City, Chicago Dramatists, Victory Gardens, The Fly honey show, About Face, ART-AIDS America, The Guild Literary Complex, Red Tape Theater and The Actors Theatre Columbus and has done videos for ClickHole, Everything Is Terrible and Second City’s BizCo and the Onion. 


Morgan's short plays have performed at the Victory Gardens One Minute Fest, First Floor Theater and their first full length play The Terrible, was produced at the New Colony. Morgan frequently collaborates as a writer with Walkabout.


Morgan is also a contributor to the A.V. Club's Podmass and an mfa playwrighting candidate @ Columbia University in new york.


They are currently working on a ton of new plays, a new family-friendly opera, and figuring out how to make really good pork shoulder for tacos.


collage by DYLAN GURRERA

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