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new work by me, morgan

camp avondale

a queer camp in the 90's on the island of Avalon, where morgan learns the way of the holy, how to shotgun a beer, and how powerful babes don't have to finish last. ever. a durational, immersive, & community-centered theatrical experience based on the legends of king arthur. part 3 of the camp trilogy.

camp champ


camp champ is a dark-comedy about a bitchy but wildly competent West LA Girl Scout Troop, one of the last communities left in the world, on a pre-destined mission to save the last of humanity. That is, if they can sacrifice their crush.  part one of the camp trilogy.

the book of morgan

a hyper-local performance piece&play about my family & adoption & football & john cougar melloncamp & white supremacy in northeastern ohio. but like. in a fun way. lol

bonne nuit lune

a new, one-act family friendly opera after, "Goodnight, Moon."


after a busy day, Baby Bunny & Kittens get tucked in and have the best dream ever as they travel to the moon in a red balloon- but when Baby's Bunny nightmare follows them into dreamland, Baby & Kittens must conquer it or be trapped in a dream forever!*

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